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MakerMask is a group of volunteers providing information y research about mask materials y designs to aid global communities of sewists, makers, and manufacturers in their local efforts. More specifically, we research, test, and share information about mask materials and designs intended for use as stop-gap solutions during the current COVID-19 crisis. These solutions are targeted at compliance with COVID-19 specific Emergency Use Authorizations set forth by the FDA.

Long Term Goal:

Fully research, test, and validate mask materials and designs consistent with traditional regulatory standards for longer-term sustainable solutions that enable local diversified mask production strategies.

MakerMask was founded by Dr. Jocelyn Songer, a biomedical engineer with a decade of experience using and researching respirators and masks.

In the News:


Make Spaces / Manufacturers

• Launchspace / MassK, Massachusetts

Distill my Heart, Ace Monster Toys, California

MakeIT, New Hampshire

Lowell Makes , Massachusetts

• ROSE Project, Ontario

Additional Places where our masks are featured:

  • GetUsPPE, Masks4humanity, Maskforce, SewToStop, and many more!

English/Spanish Translations are available at Additional languages: Portuguese, Hungarian, Turkish, Indonesian


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